dinsdag 12 juli 2011

What Ben Glinksy And Skinny Body Care Did For Me

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a network marketer who told me that her new company went bankrupt. In addition to that, she’s also still part of her former network marketing company Herbalife. I will never bash a company, but it’s a fact that you need to invest a lot of money in the Herbalife business and that you get very little in return for it. She was extremely interested in Skinny Body Care, but still hesitating to join because she didn’t want to end up like what happened in her latest business venture. She said that she will wait for the right timing… the only thing I could tell her is that the timing is never “right”. In fact, what I mean is that the timing is always right if you really want to get in. However, in Skinny Body Care it’s always better to take advantage of your pre-enrollment position as soon as you can.

Look, I can understand that sometimes people are afraid of getting involved in network marketing, but at the same time I believe that the numbers of network marketing companies that fail are simply overrated. Some people even claim that 95% of the start up companies fail within the first 5 years. I have 2 years of experience in this business, so I also know what’s moving in the industry. Of course I don’t know which companies will eventually make it and which ones won’t, but I can pick out the promising ones. If you have an owner who founded several successful network marketing companies that are all still running, you just know that his companies are in it for the long haul. You can say a lot of things about Ben Glinksy, but personally I only have good experiences. You can email him whenever you want and he will always respond and answer your questions. I always do elaborate research when I’m looking into a company. I did the same when I came across
Skinny Body Care… I also did some research regarding Ben. It seemed that some people were upset that Ben founded a new network marketing company. In the end, and also after doing some research on the haters, I could only come to one conclusion: the people who are crying out loud that Ben started another “scam” are those who have never been successful in this industry. Ben Glinsky understands the principles of modern marketing and some people just don’t want to get it.

I have no intention to toot my own horn here. But yes, I have experience and yes, I’m making money with network marketing. That’s also the reason why I wanted to learn more about
Skinny Body Care. If there’s a chance to double or triple my income in just a few months, then it’s certainly worth my time to have a look at it. If you’re looking into Skinny Body Care right now, I suggest you to read the reasons why I joined this company HERE.

Or click here to learn how my Skinny Body Care team is working this business

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