zondag 6 november 2011

How To Make Money With Stiforp

Stiforp (Profits spelled backwards) is a network marketing and advertising business founded in 2011 by Naudar Khazan (who is also founder of AliveMax). Whilst AliveMax retails nutritional and skincare merchandise, Stiforp is a business that provides online advertising and marketing tools that could benefit your on-line marketing and advertising company. Top network marketer Frank Astheimer has build approximately 90% of the downline in this organization.

What Exactly Is Stiforp?

As a Stiforp resp you are obliged to pay a $40 membership fee along with a monthly membership fee of $9.95 to be able to remain in the compensation program. In return Stiforp delivers you a wide range of on the internet advertising tools including landing pages, flash movie presentations, lead capture pages, auto responders, enterprise contacts management, targeted traffic rotators and banner ads. Being a veteran in online marketing myself, I won't argue concerning the value of these merchandise. For instance: I pay $19,95 per month for my Aweber autoresponder account. Nonetheless, I'm quite happy with this service and good quality is in some instances just a matter of subjectivity. While carrying out some research about Stiforp I've read on someone's blog that the value of the Stiforp marketing tools is at the very least $1,500. Apparently some people do not actually know the cost of very good and effective marketing and advertising tools, but I can assure you that you simply will never pay that much for these kind of advertising and marketing tools.

Stiforp Compensation Plan

Whenever you join Stiforp, you receive a place in a two by 14 forced matrix that also includes quickly commence and matching bonuses. The Stiforp Compensation plan also gives a guaranteed Powerline Bonus of $4 plus a rapidly start bonus of $25 per sign up of a brand new Stiforp team member. The problem in this two by 14 matrix is that many folks who join in no way even recruit much more than 2 new team members. So should you join Stiforp to create some quick profit, I will have to disappoint you. The large money that can be earned according to the Stiforp compensation plan is particularly produced by the heavy hitters (top recruiters), that is fairy normal in a network advertising and marketing business.

Stiforp: Conclusion

In the event you did not manage to recruit individuals for your network marketing and advertising company prior to Stiforp came along, then you also will not be soon after joining Stiforp. You'll be able to determine to promote the company and construct a downline with it, but the retention rate (the amount of active buyers) of this type of item is very low. As soon as men and women see that they're not making income just by becoming portion with the organization, they'll leave your team. 95% with the folks who are portion of a network marketing company does not even make enough income to cover their monthly autoship. Just take into consideration it: why would people preserve paying for marketing tools when they don't even use them?

On the internet advertising has far more to offer you than network advertising businesses in the type of tool providers or lead systems. You need to ask oneself a question here: if folks are promoting advertising tools, lead systems or lead firms... why do not they just use those amazing tools or results in create their own network advertising and marketing organization? These individuals aren't network advertising and marketing team builders; you're their lead for their lead program. Do you see the irony? They offer you individuals "value" while you pay them income to have access to their advertising and marketing tools or techniques. In itself, there is not wrong with that. When you have a item that individuals appear to need to have, then it is your right to offer you it. But following all, you must see the larger picture here: once you understand that Stiforp has an extremely low retention rate, you are going to come to the conclusion that you simply will must recruit a lot of men and women to make funds with it.
Click here for a visual overview of the STIFORP PAY PLAN.

zaterdag 5 november 2011

Skinny Body Care Announcement

First off, I need to send out a huge welcome to absolutely everyone who has lately joined Skinny Body Care (SBC). You might not know who I am but I am somewhere in your upline even though you might not see my name listed within the Upline Enrollers link. Welcome to SBC, we are so EXCITED to have you as part of our team!

As you can see from the Events Tab here in the back office we are getting our really very first Annual Skinny Body Care Convention in Las Vegas next week (only 9 days away) For those of you who're attending, I'm so excited to meet you in individual. We will be having coaching, food, enjoyable and awards/gifts is going to be given out!

But the thrilling news is the fact that we have located a way for those of you who can not attend to be a part of this historic event! We have decided to Live Stream the coaching & awards banquet (Thursday the 10th only) over the Internet and you can still be a part of SBC History! There will probably be major announcements made in Las Vegas that will not be announced to the entire company until after the Event is over and you'll be able to find out about them very first by watching the Live Stream event.

We are so excited about this Event and can't wait to meet all of you sometime soon! For those of you who already purchased the actual event ticket and now for whatever reason you are not able to make it, you will get the Live Stream feed at no additional cost and you will also still receive your gifts you would of received had you attended the event. Those will probably be shipped out to you after my return from Las Vegas.

As always, with each email I send out to my downline, I like to remind people of our Team Training website. There is Free Downloads, Marketing Tools, Recorded Training Archives and a Team Calendar (register for some training) *** Moved to Sunday Evenings at 7 p.m. starting November 6th*** to help you grow your SBC Business. I would start on the Get Started Link, head over to the Leaders Tab (so it is possible to see us) and then start watching some of those videos at the Archive Link.

Under the Team Calendar link you will find 2 different things that we do to help you with your prospects. 1. Telephone Conference call (BIB Call) on Sunday through Thursday (if you click on the event on the calendar it brings up the information you need) Since today is the month end and you are trying to get the highest rank advance before month end cut off ...

There is also a Daily Prospecting Webinar hosted by some of our finest leaders! (get info on the Team Calendar)

I would also suggest heading to the Testimonials tab on the site to look at all the new before/after photos along with some audio testimonials!! (These are amazing!)

As you know we're committed to helping you achieve your goals in SBC! We also have a Facebook Support Group with almost 4,000 members who are sharing some amazing marketing methods that are working, so you need to get in that group if you are on Facebook...

Remember, in order to be paid monthly commissions you must place a product order by 12 a.m. CDT tonight. Please verify you have ordered your Skinny Fiber product.

Have an amazing day and please let me know if you have any questions!

vrijdag 4 november 2011

Skinny Fiber Testimonials

Here you'll find some Skinny Fiber testimonials and photographs from clients who have been taking Skinny Fiber to shed weight.

Skinny Fiber Testimonials - Mikayla

"I'm a 37 year old single mother. I've also got some fairly significant hormone imbalances that could make it challenging to lose weight (they are able to also make me a bit moody too). I've been trying to lose about 30 lbs for several years now (TRUTH: actively and not so actively). I've tried several different issues - diets, diet plan pills, and operate out programs (which I'm extremely good at sticking to, it turns out). The South Beach diet plan worked for me and actually helped me lose 20 lbs of the initial 50 lbs I had to lose soon after getting my son virtually 7 years ago... but I got bored of it. The last 30 lbs appear to like me somewhat much more than the rest did.

I eat pretty healthy the majority of the time, but I'm a single mom of two children, so that could be tough sometimes. I really don't like to operate out, but I'm honestly attempting to alter that about myself due to the fact I truly DO need to be wholesome and fit too... not just thin. My problem is I seem to have a huge appetite and I love to eat! Plus, I often eat when I'm bored and when I'm stressed out or upset about a thing. I discover comfort in food... and eat too much.

Initially, I was skeptical about the item (my thoughts -> "Another fat loss pill? Actually?" *sigh* *groan*) But after doing some analysis, I was impressed by the info I located on the ingredients and by the testimonials I was hearing from others who had been taking it.
So, far I've lost four lbs in my initial ten days (I'm presently on day 12 of taking Skinny Fiber). I've noticed a definite lower in my appetite along with a drastic change in my food cravings (I do not think about food the way I utilised to - its awesome!). I would not say I feel incredibly fuller although... I did notice feeling fuller the very first couple of days, then that seemed to subside for me, even though the appetite suppressant effect seemed to boost (am I the only one who has experienced it this way?). I'm THRILLED with the decrease in food cravings and loss of my ravenous hunger and am searching forward to losing a lot more lbs!"

Skinny Fiber Testimonials - Sherry

"I've been employing Skinny Fiber given that January 2011. I only take 2 each day, mid-day and it keeps me from mid-day snacking. For me, the product is so successful that if I take far more than two per day I will really feel TOO full....
By just taking two Skinny Fiber pills each day, I've discovered that I effortlessly eat about 400 calories less per day than I usually would. I have been consistently losing 2 lbs a month.... so certainly not rapid weightloss but as long as it continues to go down I am content. I'm down 12 lbs. Still wanting to lose ten a lot more and have no doubt it's going to continue to come off as a steady and consistent pace and remain off too!"
Skinny Fiber Testimonials Pictures