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The Review That Explains The Skinny Body Care Compensation Plan

You were trying to find the Skinny Body Care compensation plan, but most of all you want to know it Skinny Body Care is really living up to its promises... Ok, let’s get into this. I’m going to explain how this compensation plan works and how you can benefit the most of it as a Skinny Body Care distributor. Besides the Skinny Body Care compensation plan, this company is also very unique because if provides people with amazing marketing tools.  

Let’s have a look at how the Skinny Body Care compensation plan works. Each Thursday Skinny Body Care puts active distributors in a 3 x 8 matrix, which creates growing residual income for everyone who ensured his position. The most exciting thing about Skinny Body Care is the Powerline system works with spillover. Spillover means that you’re making money on the distributors that are enrolled by other people. Simply put: the distributors above you (and of course also below you) enroll new team members and you’re earning money on it. Based on the Skinny Body Care Compensation Plan it’s possible for a Skinny Body Care distributor to earn up to $1,618.50 per month without ever enrolling a single distributor. But of course, there are ways to earn a lot more so that you can fire your boss in a few months of time.
6 Ways To Get Paid (click on the pictures to enlarge them)

1. Powerline Bonus

The Skinny Body Care Powerline is one of the most exciting and powerful multi-level marketing systems ever. Skinny Body Care rewards distributors by giving them a position in a fast filling matrix before potentially thousands of other distributors. The firm guarantees everyone a paycheck on the first 3 people below them in the Powerline. This means that every distributor is ensured of an $8 payout (paid out the first month).

2. Fast Start Bonuses with Infinity Overrides

Each time you enroll a new distributor or bring in a preferred customer you earn a Fast Start bonus of $25. This bonus commission is paid out the week after. There are also additional overrides of maximum $5. If you’re for instance a bronze and you or one of your team members enroll someone you earn an additional $.
Skinny Body Care pays out a huge 80% of the initial order to its team members. In most multi-level marketing companies this percentage amounts around 50. Don’t you think that those 30% make a difference? No, have a look at the other commission bonuses then…

3. Long Term Residual Income

The Long Term Residual Income Bonus makes it possible to earn up to $1,618.50 per month without ever signing up new distributors.
Once you lock in your position as a Skinny Body Care distributor, you’re placed in a 3 x 8 matrix which qualifies you to make money on distributors up to 6 levels deep. Because everyone in that matrix is ordering their product on a monthly basis, these bonus commissions are paid out each month, regardless of who brings them in the business. (= spillover)
Below you can see the income per level. If you build deeper than those 6 levels, you can even earn a monthly Long Term Residual Income Bonus of $10,366.50. You see that this is a great opportunity and for some people the chance of a life time.

4. Infinity Matching Bonus

Can you take it to the next level? Yes, you can. 

Furthermore, the matching bonuses show that everyone can make money with Skinny Body Care. On top of the $10,366 that some people will earn in the matrix, people also have the opportunity to match a percentage of ALL of the commissions of their personally recruited distributors.

Example: Infinity matching bonuses are paid infinite levels deep based on rank qualifications. So if you are a Diamond, and one of your personally enrolled Silver distributors earned $10,000 in their matrix, you would receive a 20% Second Generation Silver match of $2,000, a 12% First Generation Gold match of $1 200, an 8% First Generation Platinum match of $800, and a 5% First Generation Diamond match of $500 for a total match of $4,500 just on that one person alone!

If you learn how to market Skinny Body Care, your team will keep growing and eventually you will match many checks each month. Do the maths: even if you only have for instance 5 team members who earn each $50, you will be qualified as Bronze and earn 5 times $25 for doing absolutely nothing and that’s just the beginning.

5. Monthly Leadership Pools

The Monthly Leadership Pools is where it gets absolutely big for the heavy-hitters in the company. 5% of every dollar that comes into Skinny Body Care is shared with the Skinny Body Care distributors. To become a Bronze distributor you only need 3 personally recruited people in your own enroller tree.
The 5% is split in this way:

6. Rank Achievement Bonuses

The Skinny Body Care Compensation Plan is simply the best compensation plan that has ever been created, hands down! On top of all the other bonus commissions, the company is also rewarding distributors who made it to the Platinum Level (300 personally recruited distributors in their matrix or one active Gold in 3 separate legs) or above with a Rank Achievement Bonus.

Once you are Platinum or above for three consecutive months, you will receive the following one-time bonuses:

Okay, now you had a look at the Skinny Body Care compensation plan. Only insane people would let this opportunity slip by, but are the facts: if your team doesn’t know how to promote this business opportunity, your team members won’t be earning a huge income. They will earn some money… I won’t doubt that, but they will have missed this successful train…

You Can Lock In Your Free Pre-Enrollment Position HERE. (enter your details on the left hand side and follow the free tour)

Some people have the guts to call Skinny Body Care a scam... In the following review I expose all the people who think that this business is dishonest. CLICK HERE to read it.

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