vrijdag 8 juli 2011

A Comparison Of My Video Talk And IWowWe

My Video Talk is a big player in the world of online communications is. The company is a few years older then iWowWe and definitely a trendsetter. In this review I will show you the differences between those two communication tool giants. They both offer great products that can help you to build your online marketing campaigns.

Personally I think that in these modern times every online marketer should use video email marketing and certainly video conferencing. If offers you the opportunity to effortlessly team up with your business partners worldwide and to prospect by sending out powerful video emails.

Video Conferencing

My Video Talk allows 16 participants to their Video Conferencing while IWowWe allows currently 50 seats (and another 150 by telephone call)


My Video Talk is priced at $399 and after that you need to pay a monthly enrollment fee of $49. With iWowWe you can use the Video Email for free. Premium Affilates are people who pay a yearly membership fee of $50 and a monthly fee of $19.99, which gives them access to the Video Conference system and a position in the Power Matrix that gives them the opportunity to earn up to $4,925.66 without recruiting new iWowwWe. People with a free account are limited to the usage of the iWowWe Video Email system.

For a comparison: Go-To-Meetings, a company that sells a webinar system, costs $299 per month, but without the interaction options (such as webcams and a chatbox) provided by iWowWe.

Video Emails And Templates

With My Video Talk you can only send out one video at a time while with iWowWe you can simultaneously send out videos to an unlimited amount of email addresses.

My Video Talk affiliates need to create their own templates. IWowWe provides (and of course also for free many different custom made templates while you can also easily create your own.

Tutorial Videos

IWowWe provides many tutorial videos that explain how the products work and how you can make money with the affiliate program. My Video Talk doesn’t offer tutorial videos. (nevertheless, there are PDF’s to be found)


My Video Talk requires you to bring in new My Video Talk affiliates before having access to all the products, while the iWowWe Video Email service is free to use and it always will be like that.

My Video Talk was established in 2004 as one of the first video email systems on the market. IWowWe was founded in 2007, but improved its products up to a level that currently no other online communication tools can reach. The question that you have to ask yourself is if you want to spend a lot of money on a video email system when you can have one for free?

Nevertheless, everyone had different needs and it could be that other systems are more effective for you. Anyway, I would suggest you to get the FREE iWowWe account to see what the advantages of Video Email are. You can learn more about the products or get your free video email account by clicking HERE.

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