dinsdag 19 juli 2011

How To Find The Best Home-Based-Business Opportunity

You probably arrived at this article because you’re looking for a good home-based-business opportunity. I’ve been in the industry for a while now and believe that the best multi-level marketing company is the one where you can earn a solid long term residual income. There are always people who believe that multi-level marketing is a pyramid scheme, but in reality every form of corporation is constructed in the form of a pyramid. Everybody has his own conviction regarding a specific topic and it’s not my goal to persuade you.

I also comprehend that some people already had some negative multi-level marketing experiences. They have been attending many sessions of seminars, bought lots of muliti-level marketing and business CD’s and books, followed trainings… some people have done it all and afterwards as being enthusiastic business owners they stayed behind with almost nothing, and in a lot of cases also without money. Multi-level marketers tell you with great enthusiasm to set up namelists, to call friends and family, to harass your friends, to stet up a stand at trade fairs (where most of the people don’t even spend 5 minutes listening to you)… Moreover, you’re also part of a multi-level marketing business where you are monthly spending at least $300 on products. You have been told that there are no other business opportunities out there and of course you will be able to sell all those products and make a good profit margin.

Nevertheless, after a while, you’re starting to realise that you’re not able to sell the rest of your products. Of course because you are actually losing money this is starting to bother you. Some people are starting to say “I told you so”. People like giving criticism, and especially if they can break off a dream that they don’t understand. You defend your business and particularly the choices you made as a business person and eventually, many people get even more frustrated. (because you ignore their good advice and are stubbornly hanging on to your believe in multi-level marketing) A lot of relationships ended because of this… maybe you already experienced something similar. It’s not my intention to disparage multi-level marketing. I'm actually in love with my home-based-business and the biggest reason why is because at lot of people coming from all sorts of background have been able to retire at a relatively young age thanks to this industry.

Can you avoid this scenario? Yes, of course, because normally it's not that hard to generate an income with multi-level marketing. The above scenario is the outdated method that old multilevel firms are implementing. I don’t even have to tell you which multi-level firms are old and outdated, because you understand quickly if you’re part of such a business opportunity or not. If you’re spending a big part of your income on products, regularly attending expensive training events or being told to brag about your business opportunity to everyone you meet… then you’re part of an old fashioned multi-level firm. Do you still visit many customers? Do you still bring always and everywhere the product that you’re marketing with you? If you like doing business that way and also make money with it, then I’m seeing no harm in it. Unfortunately, these marketing methods are very outdated and no longer the most efficient ones.

It’s obvious that the multi-level marketing corporats that implement these methods will eventually go bankrupt or at least slow down significantly in sales volume. In these companies prospects need to pay an enrollment fee, order expensive products monthly to qualify for their bonus commission and after that unfortunately the garage is yet again filled with a lot of products that they don’t even need. And furthermore, they never made profit. Look for the best home-based-business for you to work with.

During the 21st century the old fashioned (5years and older) multi-level marketing firms will go out of business anyway. Most new firms are working through the internet, with payment plans in which every rep makes money (not just the top level reps) and they are also providing free training, mentoring and so on.

Obviously, if you’re not motivated and not working, you will never build a large multi-level marketing organisation. But if your prospects no longer need to spend $300 to share in that success, it will do them a huge favor. Multi-level marketing has become relationship marketing. This means that you also need to take advantage of online marketing strategies that build relationships such as social networking sites, Youtube, the internet in general…

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