vrijdag 20 januari 2012

Skinny Body Care Enrolling Contest Update

Updates and Announcements

2012 is HERE and things are ROCKING with Skinny Body Care

2011 was a crazy year for so many people.  The economy took a dive, retail sales were down across the board, many people were down and out.  But despite all factors working agaists us, Skinny Body Care not only grew in 2011, but grew HUGE.  In fact, we outproduced 99% of network marketing and home based business companies in terms of total volume AND, were one of the FASTEST GROWING COMPANIES IN THE INDUSTRY, and continue to lead the way as more and more exciting things continue to happen as we move into 2012.
Being one of the fastest growing companies in the industry is a huge accomplishment, especially when we are still only one year into our official launch.  But as powerful as that is, we want to stay at the TOP.  And that passion carries through in everything we do from our life changing product, to our support, to our compensation plan, and to the innovative approach we take to running our company.  And this month's promotion fits right into that philosophy.

Currently you earn VERY generous FAST START BONUSES every time you enroll a new person into the company.  NOW, YOU CAN EARN EVEN MORE.
This promotion has 3 Parts:

1.  Anyone who enrolls 3 new customers and/or distributors in the month of January will earn a $50 CASH BONUS added to their January Monthly Commissions

2.  Anyone who enrolls 5 new customers and/or distributors in the month of January will earn a $100 CASH BONUS PLUS added to their January Monthly Commissions

3.  The TOP 3 ENROLLERS for the month will EACH receive an additional $1,000, $500, and $300 BONUS

This promotion has ALREADY STARTED so if you have already enrolled new customers or distributors in January, they WILL COUNT toward your promotion.  In fact, we ALREADY have WINNERS.

Introducing Our Brand New Product:
Our commitment at Skinny Body Care is to always stay five steps ahead of the competition in everything we do.  That is why we continue to add new tools and resources to the website and to your control panel every week.  And now, to help you create even more volume and momentum in your team, we are launching a HOT new product.

Recognizing that our members want to look great, feel great, and make money, along with all the feedback we have gotten from the field, we felt that the PERFECT addition to the Skinny Body Care product line would be an Anti Aging Skin Care product.

That said, we are introducing one of the most exciting skin care products EVER.  Packed with rejuvenating ingredients including Collagen, Elastin, Aloe vera, CoQ10, Glycosaminoglycans, vitamins, minterals and extracts from 12 of nature's finest rejuvenating fruits and vegetables, this skin care product flat out ROCKS.

We plan on making our official launch announcement and unveiling at our Regional Convention in Charlotte next month, so if you have not gotten your tickets to that event yet, NOW IS THE TIME.

On top of the state of the art website, incredible products, and killer compensation plan, the true POWER of our system comes from the importance and VALUE of our Cut Off Days.
Each and every Thursday night our system places all the people who placed a product order throughout the week into the matrix in the order that they preenrolled in.
That means it is VERY IMPORTANT to let your preenrollees and prospects know that they NEED to upgrade BEFORE midnight tonight so they don't lose out on their positioning in the matrix.
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